Warning Systems

Warning System

A good warning system serves two functions: Notify & Instruct.

Notify serves the function of getting the attention of a group of people in a specific place and at the right time. Once you have people’s attention you need to instruct them and give them the correct information on what to do. 

Therefore, a good warning often consists of both a warning tone followed by a voice message. For example: Gas Alarm followed by the voice message “Gas Alarm – Go to Muster Area 2”.

More means of Notification and Instructions can be added such as Strobe Lights, Digital Sign Boards, SMS etc.

Our Warning systems use the best Outdoor Mass Notification in the world that ensures the highest possible reliability of your Warning System. This means that our sirens have the highest documented Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and the best audio coverage of any siren manufacturer on the market.

To provide the control center with the ability to give correct and precise instruction to the affected people the sirens are combined with our software platform. This has been developed to meet the customer’s need for precise and accurate information when vital decisions have to be made.

The software integrates the functions of PA systems, General Alarm systems, Analogue and Digital sensors and input/output from external systems into a single integrated platform. This gives operators a single unified platform to access and overview a very complex system also supported by the real-time monitoring of all activities.

The network is tied together in a Flat Hierarchy Structure (FHS), which means that functions assigned to a Log-On ID can be accessed from any GV-CORE unit on the networked system. This ensures that all nodes can work as a fully operational control center thus giving the system the highest possible rate of redundancy. The networked structure also means that control data from any GV-CORE unit can be shared on the common system allowing an administrator to collect and process information from the entire system from one location. Audio can be broadcasted from any GV-CORE unit to any zone in the system.


•  Best and most reliable Outdoor Mass Notification Sirens in the world.
•  Single integrated networked software platform for variety of components and products.
•  Flat Hierarchy Structure (FHS) ensuring maximum redundancy.
•  Supports Live and Recorded Audio Broadcast.
•  Integrates standard industrial modules such as Digital/Analogue I/O’s
•  Real-Time monitoring of all activities
•  Full shared system information and control data.
•  Individual user rights and restrictions.
•  Monitoring of all activities between all zones and status information processing in real time.